Autism Life Resources is a useful resource of information and practical tips to make life with ASD less stressful - and more fun. 

Autism can cause stress, Autism Life Resources can help

Welcome to Autism Resources. Created by a health professional who also happens to be both mother and daughter to people with autism, this site is for anyone who wants to be able to understand both ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and find help for stress. 

Of course the two things are not mutually exclusive. There are people who have ASD, or know people with ASD, and they have no stress whatsoever... and, of course, we all know people who are mightily stressed, even though they've never heard of ASD.

Realistically, if you know someone with ASD, or suffer from it yourself, then the chances are you've got more than your fair share of stress!

Autism Life Resources is a platform for questions and answers. Set up by a health professional, whose close family (mother, ex-husband and both children) have ASD, it's full of real-life, relevant information, and practical tips you can use to alleviate stress and simply make life much more fun.
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For more general information, please feel free to dip into "Stress" and come out with hints and tips on dealing with it. And most importantly, please do check out "About Autism", because even if you think you don't know anyone with ASD, chances are you do... so enter the enthralling world of the Autism - which affects every individual uniquely - and get some ideas as to how a person with Autism / ASD / Asperger's Syndrome might experience life - truly fascinating!

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