About Us

Janet Carter
Autism Life Resources was established by Janet Carter, as a result of a lifetime of experience with Autism, and over 25 years professional experience working in the NHS. 
Janet is a true ambassador of the positive attributes of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), at the same time she's well aware of the potential negative impacts, including stress for the person with Autism, as well as their friends, family, colleagues and peer group."I have seen so many difficult situations arise - initially because of ASD, but they have been compounded terribly because of a lack of understanding of ASD and a lack of understanding about how strong a stress-reaction can be.

 "I firmly believe that with a better understanding of ASD, and with robust personal stress-management, we have all the tools and strengths to really enjoy life with our ASD friends and family and gain true personal wellbeing all round."

Janet has set up Autism Life Resources because of her passion, and because she's been surrounded by 
Janet recommends nature as a great de-stressor
people with ASD as long as she can remember. 

"I want to help people with Autism to find and use their unique gifts in a positive and fullfilling way, and to help their families in their understanding and support of their loved one.

"I have learned the hard way through experience, and I've learned the professional way through training... I aim to bring the best of all my learnings to anyone who is suffering stress from ASD, whether they are friends, family or have ASD themselves.

"There are many tricks and techniques to transform our ASD stress into stress-reduction, and right here is where I aim to start sharing".
Janet also welcomes reader input into this great resource. So if you've got any thoughts, ideas, questions or tips that you'd like to share, then please feel free to email Janet