Welcome to our new book about Autism: Making Sense of Senses. 

By Janet Carter

Now available on Amazon HERE: 

Making Sense of Senses Autism book

"Autism: Making Sense of Senses" is designed to be an easy-to-read guide to how people on the autistic spectrum experience the various senses. 

• How did one man manage to live his entire life and hold down a professional job although he didn't recognise that he was hungry, thirsty or even needed the loo? 
• How can people with autism "manage empathy" - even if they don't feel it?
• How do people manage sensory overload, or sensory shut-down? 
"Autism: Making Sense of Senses" is also packed full of case studies, suggestions and helpful ideas. It offers fascinating glimpses into the lives of people with autism, giving explanations on how people cope with a variety of challenges. 
Covering all 5 senses, plus a number of other senses including the sense of space, balance and emotion, this book is aimed at friends and family of people with autism, and is an excellent "plain English" guide.

Praise for Making Sense of Senses:

'Making sense of senses' helped me do exactly that. Such a wonderfully written, clear and comprehensive guide to understanding the elements of autism. On experiencing the world of autism for the first time, this helped me gain an insight into the daily challenges that can be faced and how I can learn to help and support.

This has really provided me with the inspiration to go out and understand more about the condition so that I can apply it to the circumstances that I now find myself in with my partners child.

An excellent book that provides a great start point for any parent to build up their knowledge of Autism. I really wished this had been around a few years ago to help accelerate my own understanding of the condition as it would have helped to better manage many situations with my daughter

What a fabulous book! Not at all what I was expecting. Unlike many books on autism, this one is written in clear English, and does not bamboozle or overwhelm! It's a straight-forward approach to understanding autism in a way that I can really get to grips with. I bought it to understand the issue of autism better as I'm working with a few people in this arena, and it's certainly done the job. Reading this book has made me go from "don't know what to expect", to "AHA, so that's what it must be like!".

"I fully recommend anyone and everyone to get hold of this brilliant book to find out more about autism and how people with autism experience the world.

Now available on Amazon HERE: 

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